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For most, that's exactly what buying a house is, the most important and scariest purchase you will ever make. Don't take a chance in buying a home to only have costly repairs pop up soon after you move in. Let Blue Line Home Inspections take the worry out of the purchase. We want to make sure you know everything that is wrong in the home so that you have the best peace of mind possible on the day you get the keys. Call today to get a quote.

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Committed to Excellence

Inspections provided for your future home. We will be thorough and leave you feeling at ease with your purchase. Rest assured that we will provide all the resources and guidance you need to succeed.

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Certified Home Inspector/ Certified Police Officer

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new property, or you’re trying to sell your current property, Blue Line Home Inspections, LLC is ready to work with you. Richard Hilliard  is a life long resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and has been working hard since 2009 as a Police Officer. Richard has spent the last five years as a criminal investigator and takes great pride in the fact that  the attention to detail that is required for that job is the same quality he brings to home inspections. Richard also exudes morals, values and integrity. Assisting clients through their home purchase by day and protecting the streets by night, Richard is dedicated to ensuring your safety, in your home, and out of it. If you want to work with the best Home Inspection Service on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, look no further.

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